"Not only can she read my own predicament with brilliant clarity but she is also able to open windows into the realities of the people and life situations that affect my world, such as my child, husband, co‐workers, home environment, school, etc. A few hours spent in readings with Deborah are like a lifetime worth of therapy.“
~ Jessica M., Foundation Program Officer

“Deborah Kremins is a masterful intuitive. I have grown leaps and bounds working with her for the past 5 years. Her sessions are full of practical insight on issues of health, relationships, work and life path. She is not predictive or prescriptve, but offers tangible solutions and perspectives on what's really up in the body and psyche. Her intuitive lens widens any issue to understand the spiritual and energetic components. I recommend her wholeheartedly to all my friends as the most grounded intuitive I know. Her sessions are worth months of therapy!”
~ Una S., Jungian and Somatic Therapist

“Deborah’ s work is transformative. She has provided powerful insight on relationships, my children, my working life and my physical health. With great clarity and eloquence, she has disentangled me from past and present behaviors, thoughts and relationships that are not serving me. Most importantly, she is teaching me to trust and strengthen my own power to heal, to love, to thrive. My work with Deborah is nothing short of essential to my overall wellbeing.”
~ Karen B., Editor in Chief, Spirituality & Health magazine

“Deb just cuts right to the chase. I highly recommend Deborah's grounded and articulate teaching of tools you can use for the rest of your life.”
~ Kim C., Realtor

“Her intuitive guidance is spot on, and the information that comes through is that gentle reminder that has been on the edge of your consciousness urging you to lovingly remember. As a student of Deb' s class, I was given techniques for tapping into myself that I will use forever. Deborah is like a gardener for the soul. The seeds she helped plant are still taking fruit years later.”
~ Mark C., CPA

“I have worked with Deborah as her client and student for the last seven years and I am still amazed by her intuitive ability. The insight and skills I've gained through our work together allow me to live a deeper and more fulfilling life. I am most grateful to have found her.”
~ Carla J., Photographer