What is Intuition?

We are spirits inhabiting bodies and as such, we are made up of energy. What we identify as floor, screen, light, sound, feelings, thoughts, the chair you sit in and your body -- all are made up of energy. All are energy. Although we commonly refer to people as their physical form - blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. - we are often responding to the energy we sense. Indeed everyone has their own frequency, their own sound and colors. Just think of sitting close to someone you don't know -- really close -- like on a bus or train or at a party. Even without seeing that person's face or talking to them we may feel we are too close and need to move away. Or we may feel we are not close enough. We may enjoy the sensation of being close. We may even want to move in closer. This is just one example of our innate ability to perceive energy.  Read on



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